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Kuranda Cookies

Home Baked artisan cookies in Far North Queensland with love since 1992

A humble beginning in Far North Queensland for Kuranda Cookies.

Kuranda Cookies has been a Local Iconic tradition in Far North Queensland for more than 30 years, and is now available across the country and globe! From humble beginnings in Thelma’s and Jeff’s home kitchen, the cookies grew to one of the region most beloved and cherished sweets, based on beloved family recipe.

Our cookies are Home Baked with Love, but that’s just the beginning! Every cookie is made from scratch with hand-picked local Ingredients and baked with the care, attention and love right in our rainforest bakery in Far North Queensland.

We are proud to be Australian Made.

We champion the use of local artisan ingredients. We proudly support Wondaree Macadamias, Pure Hemp Flour both also local manufacturers! 

A genuine treat, especially with coffee. They are made with real butter, free-range eggs, Swiss chocolate, local products and other good Ingredients….and Love.

Wholesale Opportunities

Would you like to be a part of a great local product? Or have Kuranda Cookies in your Coffee Shop or Grocery Store?

Where to Buy

Kuranda Cookies is home to many Stores, Coffee Shops, Hotels & Motels, Markets Stalls etc. We are working hard to make sure one of the Cookie Dealers….. is near you.

Enjoy our truly Artisan Cookies

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