Special Occasions

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    From holidays, birthdays, weddings, baby shower, and thank-yous to customized corporate gifts, great marketing, and promotion.
    Show your appreciation with handmade cookies.

    We offer the option to choose your flavour. We are more than happy to get creative for your special occasion. We can provide you with an amazing selection of hand-baked cookies for your special occasion.
    Our Packaging options: Single Wrapped, Bulk Bags, or Little Fancy Things. 

    Please note:
    There is a minimum order for customised Cookies in Gift wraps.

    Wholesale Opportunities

    Would you like to be a part of a great local product? Or have Kuranda Cookies in your Coffee Shop or Grocery Store?

    Where to buy

    Kuranda Cookies is home to many Stores, Coffee Shops, Hotels & Motels, Markets Stalls etc. We are working hard to make sure one of the Cookie Dealers….. is near you.

    Enjoy our truly Artisan Cookies

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